Our Dual Missions

Our HUMANITARIAN mission is to create a program that fosters a global paradigm shift, a new way of thinking about humankind's diverse nature, particularly with great respect to the spectrums of human gender preference and identity. The Make Up Room parties are remembered as a place where everybody could get along. They serve us now, in retrospect, as a model for social reform toward a world where all people can get along, even with our differences, and, in fact, a world where those differences are celebrated and even encouraged. In short, we want to make the world a safer place for us to love each other, and for us to love ourselves.

Our PHILANTHROPIC mission is to support the efforts of accredited and relevant not-for-profit human service organizations, both on a local and a national/global level. Our selected beneficiary organizations for the New York City Area include God's Love, We Deliver, GMHC and Housing Works, all providing direct services to those who are affected by HIV-related disease.

A major portion of net proceeds from "MAKE UP, Everybody!" has been pledged to support these relevant and worthy local and national/global charities.

At any level, your tax-deductible donation will enable us to fulfill our ambitious objectives and support these worthy causes.

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